Q: What is Oakley SI?

A: Oakley SI (commonly known as Oakley Standard Issue) is the tactical range of Oakley products, used by the military and police for tactical situations, operations and training.

Q: What is the currency used in the store?

A : Singapore Dollars (SGD). PayPal will determine the exchange rate if your Credit Card is based in other currencies.

Q: How do I know if you have ready stocks to deliver?

A : Our system is REAL-TIME. You can click on the product on our webpage and enter the quantity you wish to purchase. If you can complete the check out, it will be delivered. On rare occasions, we may be out of stock, and in this case, we will make a full refund. There is no need to call us to check the stock because we are viewing the same database.

Q: What are the shipping charges?

A: Shipping charges, for local and overseas, are computed at time of checkout.

Q: I do not live in Singapore. Can I make an on-line purchase?

A: Yes, but please note that shipping charges do not include the import duties and taxes of your country. It also does not include additional surcharges that may be imposed by the 3rd party courier on course of delivery. Should the shipment be disallowed under any circumstance, we will refund you your payment.

Q: Why am I charged additional fees for overseas delivery?

The shipping charge on checkout does not include import duties and taxes or any additional unforeseen charges by 3rd party couriers. Customers are responsible for such additional charges. Depending on your country’s import laws, the courier service will process the import, and will charge you a fee on top of taxes, if applicable. As such, we recommend our customers to check with the couriers and your country's Tax Authorities on any possible additional tariffs and surcharges.

Q: For overseas (out of Singapore) deliveries, why are the additional charges not shown when checking out?

A: For custom duties, there are too many countries and regulations. For courier surcharges, they usually incur only after delivery starts. Therefore it is not possible for us to pre-determine these charges. Such charges are usually borne by recipients. As such, please do take note.

Q: I am in Singapore and I have selected self-collection method. How and where do I pick up my order?

A: To arrange a self-collection, please contact jumaidi@military.sg to schedule the appointment. Our warehouse location is shown under Contact Us page.

Q: Do you have a shop?

A: No, we run from a warehouse. Please do not show up without an appointment because we do not have retail staff to attend to you.